Swimming North

Swimming North


Creative wellness coaching: guiding you toward a healthy balance of mind, body, spirit, and creativity

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You have a creative dream. Maybe you're already engaged in living it, but have run into a rough spot. Or maybe your dream is something you've always meant to get to, but you somehow end up doing other things. Whether your dream is a book you never get around to writing, a project that never gets past the planning stages, or some other endeavor that gets lost in procrastination, resistance, overwhelm, perfectionism, self criticism or just plain old busyness - you have come to the right place.


About Me

I'm Kerry Schafer, and I know how much it hurts to be blocked from a creative calling. I spent a large chunk of my life putting everything and everyone else  first, not understanding that my need to write is exactly that: a need. Not a luxury, or a frivolous waste of time, but a process as vital to my well being as food.

I offer a unique approach to coaching, combining the wealth of self knowledge accessible through the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator with the mindful, empowering techniques of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching and elements of holistic health.

I'm a bestselling author who has published both traditionally and independently, a licensed mental health professional and an RN. I'm also a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and a certified Myers-Briggs practitioner. Most of all, I'm a human being on a journey, and I'd love to share that journey with you.




Client Reviews

After spending several years on an impossible book, I finally finished it. I feel so liberated that I finally sorted it out, and found my way through. Kerry started me on the path.
— New York Times bestselling author and literary agent, Deidre Knight
Huge thanks to Kerry Schafer for helping me across the finish line—if you’re ever stuck, I HIGHLY recommend her creativity coaching!
— Elizabeth Blackwell, author
Swimming North in creativity coaching with Kerry Schafer opens doors and windows to the universe. Aha moments come quick and fast with Kerry’s gentle guidance, and your confidence will grow three sizes from her observations.
— ~Lael Braday, writer and book reviewer
Kerry Schafer is one of those exceptional people you just want to be around. Wise, funny, and insightful. I made progress because showing up to her sessions were a uniquely delightful experience, her fun follow-ups were creative and inspiring, she was intuitive enough to see things that I missed. If you’re not getting to your creative passion, you don’t respond to most coaching models, and you like fun, I highly recommend you give Kerry a try.
— Jill Badonsky, Author and Founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training
Kerry’s style of coaching will take you on an unexpected journey that will unlock your imagination.
— M.B., Client
Kerry was a joy to work with, thoughtful and easy to talk to. Her down to earth approach leads to beneficial outcomes. Her creative spirit is infectious and allows a natural unfolding of small steps toward your goals. I found her an insightful and empathetic coach and a pleasure to work with.
— Vicky-Jane Newman