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Welcome to the Secret Laboratory -  

You are here - and that means you are ready to activate some serious writing magic. Don’t get me wrong - there is also a lot of hard work involved. Books don’t write themselves, and awesomely scary goals don’t get met while we binge watch our latest obsession or hang out on Facebook. But when we dive into the process of discovering and clarifying your unique creative process, as we work together to manifest the ideas and dreams in your head onto the reality of the page—magic happens.

I understand that investing in a coach might seem like a luxury to you, but here’s what I believe about that. Investing money in a writing coach is a declaration on your part that you are ready to prioritize your writing. Most of us spend our lives putting everything else first and planning to go after our dream goals “later.” After the kids are in school, when the kids are in college, after we retire, after the grandkids are in school.

It’s never too late to go after your writing dreams, but now is better, because if you are called to write, then it hurts to deprive yourself of that. It took the sudden death of my husband to make me realize that if I wanted to fulfill my dream of writing a good novel and getting it published, it had to be now, because there is no guarantee of later. That’s when I started prioritizing writing, moving it up the To Do list from “if I have time” to first thing in the morning to be sure it got done.

Today I am a bestselling novelist with eight published novels out in the world. I’ve been able to leave my day job to write and coach full time. So I know that writing dreams can come true. And I want for you to be able to live your dreams too.

Of course, you can TOTALLY fulfill your writing dreams and goals without paying for a coach. I did. But I learned some things along the way that I wish I’d known then, tips and tools and knowledge that would have made the way easier. And that is what I can offer you.

Straight up honest moment: I cannot guarantee you’ll get published or be famous or make a ton of money writing. I do promise that I can help you get to work, keep working, and come to your work with greater joy and insight. I can help you find the magic of your own unique creative process.

Here are some of the ways we could work together:

NEW: Creative Alchemy Idea Session

A one time, exhilarating, magical session to help you access your best creative ideas. This is for you if you’re searching for a new book idea, working through a plot problem, need to develop a character, find a title, or plan a creative marketing strategy. You get an hour with me, either on the phone or Zoom, to engage in idea generation. You can use the time to pick my brain, engage in mutual brainstorming, or even dip into guided imagery or a little light hypnosis in order to bypass blocks and dip into the rich, magical world of the subconscious. Then we’ll come up with a forward motion plan, including one tiny step you can take right away.

What it costs: $99

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Coaching Packages

I ask for a three month commitment, but payment is month to month. All prices are in US dollars. Choose the package that works best for your goals and your budget. Meetings take place either in a virtual zoom room, or on the phone. Please note that I do not read and edit pages, as we will be working together to tame the inner critic in order to help you access your best creative flow, and I find it’s not helpful for me to step into the critique role.

Basic Package - Best for a tight budget

  • Two phone or video calls ( 50 minutes each)

  • Two follow-up summaries, highlighting what was covered in session, along with additional tips and encouragement

  • email support and texting between sessions

  • $200/mo

Email me to start the magic with a free consult!

Huge thanks to Kerry Schafer for helping me across the finish line—if you’re ever stuck, I HIGHLY recommend her creativity coaching!”

Creating Gold - for big goals and serious commitment

  • Four phone or video calls ( 50 minutes each) for working through blocks, working on character or plot, creating a query letter and query strategy or for any other writing related concerns

  • Four follow-up summaries, highlighting what was covered in session, along with additional tips and encouragement

  • email support between sessions

  • Myers-Briggs Temperament Assessment included in first month package

  • A value at $500/mo

Ready to go for the Gold? Email me to set up a free consult.

“After spending several years on an impossible book, I finally finished it. I feel so liberated that I finally sorted it out, and found my way through. Kerry started me on the path.”
— ~Deidre Knight, New York Times bestselling author and literary agent

Enhance Your Creative Process through exploration of your Myers-Briggs Temperament Type

If you don’t want ongoing coaching but are interested in illuminating your creativity through the Myers-Briggs, this is for you.

  • A 50 minute consult to explore where you are at with your creative process

  • Official Myers-Briggs assessment from a certified MBTI practitioner (me!)

  • Detailed, official report with your MBTI Step 1 and Step 2 results, including information on how your type impacts your decision making, relationships, how you react to change, and other valuable insights

  • Introduction to Your Type guide in PDF format, which includes information about all of the MBTI types and is extremely helpful in navigating relationships with others

  • A meeting to discuss your results and how you can use this information to enhance your creative process

  • Follow up email from me

What it Costs: $220

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Creative Wellness

Our creativity does not live in isolation from our whole person self. It is inextricably bound together with our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Creativity is impacted by our sleep, our diet, and the amount of exercise we get. It is profoundly affected by pain and chronic disease. Likewise, if we are depressed, anxious, or caught up in a habitual pattern of looking at the dark side or listening to negative self talk, this cannot help but affect our creative selves. As for our spiritual selves, creativity is often the opening to hearing a higher calling, to understanding purpose. We cannot be our best, most authentic selves if we are suppressing or ignoring our creative work.

What you get

  • Creative Wellness assessment to help you explore the intersection of your creative life with your physical, mental, and spiritual health

  • Myers-Briggs assessment and detailed report with Step 1 & Step 2 results

  • Five phone or internet sessions (about 50 minutes each)

  • email follow up to each session, summarizing the session and offering further support and suggestions

  • text support

What it Costs: $600/mo

Email me to set up a free consult