A note about coaching packages:

One of the beauties of Kaizen-Muse Coaching is its adaptability. This approach teaches you creativity principles and tools that can be used to pursue goals of all kinds—creative projects, business launches and/or marketing, health and wellness—anything you are trying to do but feel you need a little help getting there. Unlike many other coaching programs, this is a no pressure, supportive, empowering approach to help you move forward joyfully and with an increased awareness and appreciation for your own process. If none of the following packages work for you, talk to me! We can design a custom package to meet your specific needs.

Free Consult - 

An opportunity for the two of us to get acquainted, and for you to ask questions (like, what IS Kaizen-Muse coaching anyway?).  We'll explore whether we would be likely to work well together on a creative adventure. I guarantee no pressure, and no onslaught of follow up emails, either. If I'm not right for you I'm happy to refer you to a different coach who might better fit your needs. And don't worry - you are not wasting my time. I love hearing people's creative dreams.

What it costs: NOTHING

Coaching Package

What you get:

  • Four supportive, depressurizing phone or video calls (around 50 minutes each) that will introduce you to creativity principles and tools designed to help you move toward your goals with increasing ease and joy.
  • Four  follow-up emails, highlighting what was covered in session, along with additional tips and encouragement
  • text support during the week
  • Myers-Briggs assessment and basic report (part of initial package only)

What it costs: $400 for first 4 weeks to include testing and results, $350 for ongoing packages

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Enhance Your Creative Process through your Myers-Briggs Temperament Type

What you get:

  • A 50 minute consult to explore where you are at with your creative process
  • Official Myers-Briggs assessment from a certified MBTI practitioner (me!)
  • Detailed, official report with your MBTI Step 1 and Step 2 results, including information on how your type impacts your decision making, relationships, how you react to change, and other valuable insights
  • Introduction to Your Type guide in PDF format, which includes information about all of the MBTI types and is extremely helpful in navigating relationships with others
  • A meeting to discuss your results and how you can use this information to enhance your creative process
  • Follow up email from me 

What it Costs: $220

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Coaching for Writers

What You get:

  • Coaching designed for your Myers-Briggs temperament type and your unique creative process PLUS coaching from a bestselling novelist to help you develop your characters, plot, pacing, voice, and other elements of novel structure
  • Support during the process of querying and submission to agents and editors from another writer who gets it
  • Coaching around bringing your unique creative process and your authentic self to marketing and promotion
  • Gentle, never-overwhelming techniques and accountability to break you free of blocks and help you meet your writing goals
  • MBTI testing and results included in initial package

What it Costs: $400 for first package (includes MBTI testing and results), $350 for ongoing packages.

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Creative Wellness

Our creativity does not live in isolation from our whole person self. It is inextricably bound together with our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Creativity is impacted by our sleep, our diet, and the amount of exercise we get. It is profoundly affected by pain and chronic disease. Likewise, if we are depressed, anxious, or caught up in a habitual pattern of looking at the dark side or listening to negative self talk, this cannot help but affect our creative selves. As for our spiritual selves, creativity is often the opening to hearing a higher calling, to understanding purpose. We cannot be our best, most authentic selves if we are suppressing or ignoring our creative work.

What you get

  • Creative Wellness assessment to help you explore the intersection of your creative life with your physical, mental, and spiritual health
  • Myers-Briggs assessment and detailed report with Step 1 & Step 2 results
  • Five phone or internet sessions (about 50 minutes each)
  • email follow up to each session, summarizing the session and offering further support and suggestions
  • text support

What it Costs: $624

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** All graduates of a four session package are eligible to schedule one time sessions as needed for maintenance, at the discounted rate of $70. Email me for a scheduling code.